We have so much to do’s these days and are constantly on the go trying to get everything done.

Life has definitely sped up or I should say that ‘we’ have sped up. There are still 24hrs in a day, but where does it all go?? For some reason we love habit as humans and find it hard to change or do more of what we know is right.

I’m also a living example.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, as to be truly happy we need to take some time realising what we have and to stop and appreciate our loved ones and life all around us.

As life’s events are purely out of our control, what we can control is our mind and what we focus on.

Fill your heart up with love and gratitude next time you’re putting on your kids dirty washing for the 2nd or 3rd time in the week and just be grateful that you have them in your life. Give your partner a warm and big hug just because he or she is just so beautiful.

Allow yourself some time in the day or night to relax and give your body and mind what it needs. If you find that you’re always doing everything, then don’t and get help from your family, friends or neighbours.

Life’s way too short to burn to the ground and to not look after yourself.

We want to do it all, but realistically we can’t and it’s best to share it all around.

When you get help, life is so much better. You’re happier and those around you are and you’re living a much better quality of life, one that is worth living for!