As we know life sure ain’t easy, but it’s what we make of it that counts. What you put in you get out and we all have our own journeys to live. I love how our journeys are all so different learning, growing and helping each other. I’ve found that if you work on yourself to improve on your well being, you can have a much better life that you never knew existed!

We can all relate to having a not so easy life full of up’s and down’s that never stays the same. But what we may not all relate to is how manage ourselves through these times and who we need to support us. We forget so many great values that we know to be important making us feel not so good, but if we take time out – it can be better.

Just being grateful for a start that you’re still alive and made it to each birthday is something to be thankful for. That your body still moves and is healthy is another. You have food in your kitchen and a warm bed at night. You are surrounded by loved ones who think that you’re amazing and just the best. The list can go on…

Don’t focus on what you don’t have and see more of what you do. Trust the timing of your life and have the patience to see it through. It’s taken me years to achieve this and it can happen. I’ve done it and so can you!

So just try and remember or make a daily/weekly habit of 5-10mins of being grateful for what you have and accepting your life that is meant for you.

It helps if you want it.