Just WHO’s angelartz?

It’s me Angelique Carroll, head designer and founder of angelartz.

Based in Melbourne Australia, it’s a unique form of art that was born out of a passion for drawing, love for colour, the desire to help and be all that you can.

My artwork is made up of cards, invitations and prints and covers the joys and challenges of life’s journey. Aimed at both adults and children my artwork and characters are created with care and are designed to help you find fun, love, excitement and joy with a refreshing style and positive message.

The Designs

Starting off as a self-taught painter and taking formal art studies, I bring my talent and passion for design and colour to life through many different character drawings. Inspired by real-life people, my characters represent all emotions of the heart and are a collection of my values, beliefs, loves and experiences presented in a simple, but striking way.

We all live in a busy world that is full of emotion and wonder. As much as we want to enjoy it, there are many times that we lose our way and seek to find ourselves again.

You might want to truly express yourself or make that lasting change, but don’t know how. A loving relationship might need a thoughtful surprise, leaving you both with a smile. You want to give something different for a birthday wish that’s like no other or there’s a party coming up and you want to give it a kick start with excitement for all of your guests.

My characters and their stories are designed to catch your eye and make that change just what you’re looking for.

The Future

I’m excited to share my vision with you and hope that my positive messages and colourful art will warm your heart and inspire you to live with love, enthusiasm, kindness and joy.

I’m always designing new art and stories and I’m looking forward to sharing more of these with you in the future.

If you wish to design a custom print or colour scheme, please contact me to discuss your needs. I love working with others and being able to bring ideas to life!

Otherwise, I’m sending love, colour and laughter all around the world and I hope that you enjoy the angelartz experience.

Much love,